It’s Just A Pacifer. Let’s All Calm Down.

Is it too early to assume my {almost} 2 year has an addictive personality? The kid obsesses over things. We’ve already attempted one failed Intervention over his PBS video app addiction, but his pacifier addiction is just as bad, if not worse. He will have one in his mouth and one in each hand while trying to hold […]

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LuLaRoe Irma Styled 9 Ways

#LuLaRoeIrma Styled 9 Ways #ToWitToWoo

That Irma. She’s so much more than just a t-shirt. Just like with all the gals in the LuLaRoe collection, you can take her pretty much anywhere and she’ll fit in just fine. I met Irma the same night I met LuLaRoe Consultant Leah Tilstra. Leah and I are kindred spirits. Within the first 5 minutes of the Pop-Up Boutique […]

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Grocery Shop or Just Shop?

#Vikings #Evereve #BlanketScarf #ToWitToWoo #StyledLooks

Deklan is at that age where naps are optional on the weekend. We always try to get him down so that we can have a few hours to ourselves, but most of the time it’s such a battle that it’s not even worth it. Last weekend was one of those perfect storms where everyone (including my […]

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Guilt-Free ME Time

I think this goes without saying, but parenting is hard work. It takes a level of patience that I wasn’t born with; the kind of deep unconditional love that allows you to experience heaven and hell at the same time; an acceptance that you will probably never get it right, you just hope you get […]

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