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My husband told me to find a hobby that doesn’t involve spending money, so here we are! He also told me I overshare so I’m not sure this is exactly what he had in mind either. It reminds me of one of the last conversations (and knowing it would probably be the last) I had with my grandfather just before he passed. I was nervously rambling on about how I’d like to someday move back to the South, but now that I’ve met the born and raised Minnesota man I’m pretty sure I am going to marry, the odds of me leaving here are slim to none. When I finally paused I expected the silence to be filled with some sort of empathy for the dreadful winters I would be succumbed to for the rest of my life, but instead I got a very matter of fact: “well Kid, you can’t have it all.” And ain’t that the truth, ya’ll?

In case you happened to stumble upon my blog looking for an owl rescue organization and have no clue who I am, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy and I am a 30 something working mom of two boys: Deklan (4) aka “The Mayor” and Carter (2); and a wife to one lucky man *wink, wink* Chris, who is most commonly described as the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And he really is.

Here’s the deal though, adulting is hard, the parenting struggle is real, and life is messy more times than it’s not. When my son turned 3 and shit got weird, several of my friends handed me books on Raising a Spirited Child. I don’t have time to read and even if I did I would much rather read something riveting. What I really needed was a bottle of wine, a good vent session, and a million stories that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Herein lies the birth of To Wit, To Woo.

To Wit by definition is the ability to write or say things that are clever and usually funny. I have found looking for the humor in the midst of the most ridiculous situations to be essential to surviving the toddler years. My hope is that I will evoke laughter through oversharing and storytelling. To Woo is an acronym for Winning Others Over from StrengthsFinders. WOO’s have a great capacity to inspire and motivate others, which is what I hope to do by sharing some affordable styling tips for the every woman. This is a story of a just-put -together hot-mess mom as so perfectly stated in the February issue of the Maple Grove Magazine where I graced the cover along with my boys in all their glory and a two page spread titled Using Humor and Fashion a Maple Grove Parent Remakes the Mom Blog Concept.

Photo Credit: Tate Carlson

Follow along for a good laugh at my – and my children’s – expense. Then tell your friends to also follow along because they could probably use a good laugh, too. You can also catch me monthly on Twin Cities Live where I share my candid thoughts on the latest fashion trends.


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