My Dearest Carter

My Dearest Carter: 3 years ago I went into labor certain I was coming home with a little girl in my arms. I could feel it. And then 2 quick pushes later they handed me a screaming baby boy and I froze – just for a moment – in disbelief. I looked down at you […]

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We’ve recently started giving potty training a half-ass attempt with Carter. That shit is for the birds. You know what else is for the birds? 3 rounds of whatever God awful stomach bug had been circulating this summer all within one week. Ya heard. Deklan got it, then Carter got it, and then Deklan got […]

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Oh For Fort’s Sake

Making forts out of blankets is one of the most nostalgic childhood activities you can do with your kids. It’s always the first thing that pops in my head when the troops are growing restless and I’ve had enough of the Power Rangers. The boys will start to grab all the biggest blankets in the […]

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You Should Have Known

It’s Friday which usually means pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner because I’m more concerned with what I’m going to pour myself to drink when I get home, than I am with what I’m going to make for dinner. The boys are equally as drained by the end of the week and in rare form, […]

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The Year of Lazy Parenting

#ToWitToWoo #MomBlogger

I’ve touched on this before in my “No Shower Required” post, but seriously you guys, I’ve gotten SUPER lazy as a parent. You want a sucker at 8:30 in the morning? Sure, why not. I have zero tolerance for screaming before I’ve even had my coffee. You want to eat a red popsicle in the living room […]

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