Hat Game Strong

I really try to avoid washing my hair on the weekends at all costs. I’ve done some serious damage to it over the years so it could use a break from the heat, and let’s not forget, I’m super lazy. I get by on hats and headscarves. In case you missed it, the hat game […]

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Your Summer Power of 3: The Kimono

#FreePeople #ToWitToWoo #Kimono #PowerOf3 #TwinCitiesLive

I’m a big fan of the kimono and have been for years. ┬áThere’s something about the way the fabric floats behind you when you walk that makes you feel like you are somebody, you know what I’m sayin? This year in particular they seem to be everywhere with more styles to choose from than ever […]

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You Should Have Known

It’s Friday which usually means pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner because I’m more concerned with what I’m going to pour myself to drink when I get home, than I am with what I’m going to make for dinner. The boys are equally as drained by the end of the week and in rare form, […]

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