The Year of Lazy Parenting

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I’ve touched on this before in my “No Shower Required” post, but seriously you guys, I’ve gotten SUPER lazy as a parent. You want a sucker at 8:30 in the morning? Sure, why not. I have zero tolerance for screaming before I’ve even had my coffee. You want to eat a red popsicle in the living room […]

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A Bath Time Code Brown

Any parent can attest to the fact that a child pooping in the tub is on the list of top 5 fears of parenting. We somehow managed to escape the infant years  scot-free with both boys and then all of a sudden in the last few weeks Carter has been making the tub his own personal […]

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The Power of 3

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Did ya hear? I had my first debut on Twin Cities Live on Monday and let me just tell you, I FELT SO ALIVE! I could talk fashion all day long so this new monthly side gig of mine is giving me life. In case you missed it, here’s a recap… For this first segment, we focused […]

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Girl On A Budget

CONFESSION: I have an entire upper right side of my closet that I never even bother looking 1/3rd of the way past because I know it’s all garbage. Well, not garbage, but nothing in there fits me right or suits my style anymore. They say if you haven’t touched an article of clothing in a year […]

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Stop, Start, Continue

I think this goes without saying, but parenting is hard work. It takes a level of patience that I wasn’t born with. The kind of deep unconditional love that allows you to experience heaven and hell at the same time. An acceptance that you won’t always get it right, you just hope you get it a […]

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